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Spring 2015  Schedule is now posted!

Congratulations CornerStreet Dancers!

For winning two 1st place Top Score Overalls, two 2nd place Top Score Overalls, one 3rd place Top Score Overall, three 4th place Top Score Overalls, and one 5th place Top Score Overall. Along with two Platinums, three Elite High Golds, six High Golds, a Poetry in Music Special Award, and a Choreography award at the 2014 Bravo Dance Competition!

For winning two 1st Place Overall Top Scores, a 2nd Place Overall Top Score, 3rd Place Overall Top Score, and a 4th Place Overall Top Score  at the 2014 StarQuest Dance Competition in Denver!
*Also for winning a platinum award, many high gold awards and 5 specialty awards!


Organizations that use our space:

Camellia's Children's Dance Jam

Camellia's Children's Dance Jam is for ages 2 to 11. You must call 447-4644 to get on the membership list. Wear costumes, face paint and free form dance as well as play. 4 good health. Camellia's Children's Dance Jam- the last Saturday of every month, three hours of free-form play and dance.
Check out their facebook page:

Now offering online enrollment and online tuition payments!

Choreography Award winner at the 2014 BravO! National Dance and Talent Competition

CornerStreet Dance

500B East Midland Ave.
Woodland Park CO. 80863

Thank you Adri for your wonderful letter about CornerStreet Dance!

Dear CornerStreet Dance,

Hello, it is Adri Dejoy, one of your current dance students. I just wanted to say thank you and give my gratitude to your instructors that have helped me along my journey as a performer.

Your staff of trained dancers have helped to encourage my passion for the art of dance, as well as help me tobecome the best performer that I can be. They have helped me raise my skill level in many types of dance, and for that, I am thankful. Being a part of the studio and part of the Ensemble team has helped me to make friends and once again given me an outlet to express my passion. If it weren't for the safe and forgiving environment at CornerStreet, I probably would not be pursuing my dance career anymore, but your constant support and encouragement has helped me reach personal goals that I never thought could be possible.

You have made a huge impact on my life and undoubtedly the lives of many other dance students. I know that you've helped each one of them as much as you have helped and encouraged me to carry on doing the things I love which are dancing and performing. We are all brought together by a common interest, and the fact that your staff are also helping us do something we love is amazing! I could not ask for a better environment to help me carryon my passion of performing.

Thank you for always supporting me in my goals and pushing me to be the best I can be, and thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Adri Dejoy 


Classes for all ages and levels!

CornerStreet Dance is proud to offer the best dance instruction in Woodland Park!

 CornerStreet Dance
500 B East Midland Ave
Woodland Park CO 80863

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